Can I choose my own broker?

Our AI software is only compatible with the broker of our choice, however for manual trading you can use any broker you like.

Why is ACY Securities the chosen broker?

ACY Securities are a regulated broker and have a global client base, allowing people from many different countries to benefit from the service.

When can I make withdrawals from my account?

Withdrawals are permitted on the first day of each month in order to not interfere with our trading algorithms. Please ensure that you do not invest more money than you can afford to live without.

Where can I monitor my account performance?

By downloading MT4 (Metatrader 4) on any APP store you can add an account that you would like to monitor. When you have downloaded MT4 please visit settings > New Account > Login to an existing account > Type “ACYCapital-Live02” > Enter the account information provided to you by the broker. Be sure to enter the details of your sub account.

Why does MT4 show deposits and withdrawals but not profit?

Simply Success Academy allows many people to use the AI software at any one time. To allow this to happen, funds will be withdrawn from your account every time a trade is placed and will be deposited every time a trading position is closed with a profit. The profit can be seen by calculating the difference between deposits and withdrawals.

What deposit method should I use to add funds to my ACY broker account?

We are not able to advise on any particular method but most of our customers use the bank wire transfer method. Please note that, unless you live in Hong Kong you will be making an international payment. When choosing this method be sure to select Hong Kong as the bank country/ location, with bank name DBS and payee/ beneficiary name ACY Capital Australia Ltd and ensure that you send funds in either GBP or USD depending on the LPOA you sign. Do not send Hong Kong Dollars.

Are fees taken after every trade?

No, fees are taken at the beginning of each month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact info@simplyfx.uk to cancel your subscription and remember that withdrawals are only available at the beginning of each month. Please contact info@simplyfx.uk for any queries or complaints that cannot be solved in the FAQ’s.

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